Here is what some people have to say about Mojotronix’s work.

Stan – I just recorded this last weekend – I used the Fender reverb six – (the one that is a two twelve chop job) – We got the most insane tone out of it – I have been playing it on and off – but it sounds unreal – the new voicing you did is bad ass – you got to hear the recordings when I get them – I need to bring it up to fix the vibrato sometime – and I will bring you some tunes-

Thanks – Enver

Hi Stan,

I just wanted to let you know that I used my amp on a big gig on Saturday and it worked beautifully! That’s the cleanest, most powerful it’s been in years. Even the guys in the band commented on how great it sounds.

Thanks again for your excellent repair work.

— Kurt Huget

Hey Stan, just wanted to let you know that I’ve played out a few times with this amp and have been very pleased with how well its performed. The new matched set of JJ EL84’s has definitely brought the power section back to life. 

Just wanted to touch base with a belated thank you and to let you know how killer it sounds.


Stan has been a tremendous asset to Bananas at Large. He has succeeded in bridging the gap of highly professional work with reasonable prices. He is articulate and intelligent and understands our needs and our clients needs. Bananas at Large gives a full endorsement to Stan and his work. From our elite “profile” clients to our great everyday customers, Stan follows in the Bananas tradition of good hard work at
fair prices and great customer service.
You can’t go wrong letting Stan work on your stuff.

Alan Rosen
General Manager
Bananas at Large – www.bananas.com
1504 Fourth St.
San Rafael, CA 94901
415-457-7600 ex.101
415-457-9148 fax

Hey i haven’t been online for awhile but I play in a local band and came back from tour and had a gig right away here in the city. I called Stan two days in advance because my amp was dead and asked if he could check it out. He went out of his way to pick it up from me, fixed it, and made sure my amp was ready the afternoon of the show. The guy works wonders at way below the price you’d find in any music store. If your amp needs repair give him a call. He kicks ass! Without him I would have been dead in the water. Thanks again Stan.



Hey Stan,
I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you for all your hard work and help with my amp. I’ve played a bunch of shows on it by now and it sounds AWESOME and is as strong as ever! I really appreciate all the running around, etc., to get the amp going again. You went above and beyond to help me out.

Thanks again,

1971 Amp SVT

Hi Stan,

I’m playing though the Princeton Reverb right now as a matter of fact. Have been for the past few hours. Sweet! The Twin also is finally the way it should sound too!!! It stopped making noise as well. You did good 🙂 Did you do anything else with the Twin besides replace the tremolo thing?

I’m really glad that I decided to have you service my amps. You can count on it that I’ll be calling you again when I need some more work done.

Thanks so much for everything!

Take Care,

Hey Stan,
Just wanted to thank you for your very fast and excellent work!
My amp sings again! Sounds just as good as the day I got it.
I will definately call you for all my amp needs.


“Stan is The Amp Man!! In addition to being a guitarist & a certfied electronic tech, this patron saint of Amp Kingdom has modified, upgraded, fixed & supersized my amps’ mojo & sound for years & I swear by him (& not at him…I save that for my amps BEFORE they see him)! He has worked on all kinds of amps for me…Fenders, Gibsons, Marshalls, Botique & Specialty Amps (such as Scitzo Plexi/Tweed Types)…& they’ve all come back with the same results…SOUND-Sensational!!
Heck, he even picks up & delivers 80 lb Super Reverbs & Bass Amps!
So what else do you want?!!”

Guitar George

Hi Stan,
If you recall, you worked on my blackface Bassman (50W) several months ago. You and I know how great it sounds. But I wanted to tell you that I took it to a Jam Night, and people stood with their mouths open in awe of the tone. It doesn’t matter if I plug in a Strat or one of the humbucker guitars, the tone is simply amazing.
B.K. Fremont

The beast has been tamed!
Stan, I just wanted to say thank you very much
for bringing my old ’68 Fender Super Reverb back to life. I just got my first chance to play the thing since you fixed the old beast and it out and out sings! I am getting more tone out of it since bringing it to you. The Dumble mod on channel one is working great! It was also great just hanging with you at your place. I felt very at home taking with you and enjoyed your insights. THanks again! I am having the time of my life with an amp that I thought was a gonner.

Matt Granz

I just wanted to let you know how HOT the Eico (Mojomod) sounded at our jam session on Saturday. I ended up playing drums because our drummer was sick, so the guitar player cranked it up to 10 and it sounded incredible. Louder than god too. I actually couldn’t hear myself playing the drums. Seriously. Nobody, including me, could believe that that much sound was coming out of that tiny little amp.
Anyway, thanks again for the great work.


Thanks so much for servicing my amp (Fender Vibrolux). It sounds so incredible I can’t even believe it. My tubescreamer really rocks through new clean tubes (imagine that!) and the whole amp sounds at it’s best when it’s turned up to
10. Only problem is now I have to replace all my patch cables to go with my primo amp. I’ll recommend you to absolutely everyone who has an amp problem..


Mojo Stan,
Greetings and salutations. Remember that amp you fixed for me? The Egnater? This is now a world class sounding amp which I will put side by side with ANY amp out there and the truth is always in the TONE. I dont remember the repair you did but the MOD & tubes you installed turned a great amp into a lifetime keeper. I have yet to hear anything that comes close…
sweet as candy on one side and MEGA$ overdrive on the other! I have many more projects for you in the future because you are now the ONLY TECH that will EVER TOUCH my amps as well as my only supplier for tubes, Period.

Hi Stan,
“Got a chance to play the Princeton at the shop yesterday, and it
sounds killer. I plugged into a cab that has 2×10 Celestions, and it was perfect. With that setup, I didn’t hear any lacking bass. I put a Fulltone Fat Boost in front of it, and blew my mind how full it sounds for 18 watts. Also very impressed how quiet it idles. You got the mojo my friend, and hopefully Bananas will send you some good business.”

I love the Princeton now!

Thanks for all your work,

Best, Larry

“Hey Stan, just wanted to let you know that the twin
sounds awesome. it has never sounded better. I am
really liking the Dumble channel. Great work, thanks
again. – Ron”
Ron Kukan

(Radical House Recording Studio

Wow! Unbelievable! My Deluxe sounds like a totally different amp (in a good way).

“DUDE!!!! It Is Amazing! I dont want anything Changed. (Hot-rodded Silverface Deluxe). I have A Friends Blackfaced Princeton that needs to be Restored. Let me know when you’re
available. – Ron”

“If anyone was thinking of using this guy’s services, do so. I just had him work on an old Peavy Classic 50w 2×12 (which sounded like it was in its death throes) and a Marshall 100w head. He arranged to meet me to pick them up and looked at/fixed everything i asked him to. I got ’em back in a very reasonable time and the price was excellent. My Peavey amp sounds better than it has in 12 years and my Marshall is firing on all cylinders now. The whole thing was easier and faster than I would have thought. He’s a cool guy, really knows his stuff, and I highly recommend him.”

The amp sounds so amazing. Plenty more SIZZLE… very cool.
It has that TONE like it’s ALIVE and BREATHING. More Livelier than before. Way More beefier, Crunchier, clearer top end, better harmonic response. Originally before the mod, I would have the gain around 5 or 6, if I put it up any higher in wouldn’t sound any different. Now, I have it around 9 and it has way more sizzle. It feels like a totally different AMP.
It’s like a fire breathing marshall asskicker….
I think I’ll have to get another one of these heads?
This Damn’ AMP is so CRUNCHY!!!
Harmonics are so easily achieved.
I think people will trip out on this amp,.. “looks like a Peavey, but
where’s the Soldano?”……..
I’m serious going to have get another one, thanks a bunch..
stan, you got it going on.”
Joe Gales Anacleto

“My Polytone Megabrute suddenly died while playing/practicing at home. I purchased this amp for it’s Solid State Reliability, Argh !! And then I thought of all the horror stories about difficulties getting Polytones repaired and “difficult” service/contact with Polytone documented here and on Harmony-Central user reviews. Luckily I found a great local Amp Tech on Craig’s List on the web. He provided quick and friendly service and got my Polytone repaired in a few days. So I thought I’d share his name, phone, and email contacts.

His name is Stan Bailey, aka stan@mojotronix.com, phone (415) 497-0531. He actually prefers working on tube amps but can do solidstate. He also builds custom amps and will modify tube amps (50 watt minimum) to “Dumblesque Specs”. He works in his garage and weekly does a route from
where he lives in FairFax (Marin NorthBay) to San Jose- So he will pickup your amp for $30 additional. He has a minimum $75 bench fee and charges $75/hour plus parts.

Also he’s a musician, guitarist-bass, who plays all styles. He’s a friendly, conscientious guy ;-)”

Thanks again for bringing the amp by, it sounds amazing. Great Job. The lower midrange sounds really full.”


“Thanks Stan for the great work on rewiring my pre-amp section on my 60 watt RedBear head, so that it accepts standard 12 volt tubes. She’s nice and quiet now. I will definitely contact you for any further work. For anyone reading this – go with Stan, he’s the man!”


Hey Stan,

Thanks for putting a better transformer into my Marshall amp. I’ve gigged with it twice since I got it back and its sounds so sweet! I appreciate your honest workmanship and I will be sure to recommend you to anyone looking for gear repair.
Take it easy,