I have a mission:

that mission is to get your equipment to perform at its most optimum ability, which in turn inspires great music for all! Being an honors graduate of Guitar Institute in Los Angeles, CA, I am serious about great guitar tone. I have been playing guitar professionally for about 30 years, and have experimented with many tone recipes. I have a great passion for squeezing good tone out of tube amps, and troubleshooting all things audio.  After 20 years of electronics repair experience, and pursuing the holy grail of guitar tone, I can use this knowledge to tailor your equipment to the sound you desire. Mojotronix offers a wide variety of services for vintage/modern tube, and transistor audio equipment. Click on a button above for an explanation of what Mojotronix can do for your amp. Whether it’s simply amp repair, or a major modification, I will make sure your amplifier doesn’t leave my shop until my “ears” tell me it’s okay to. 

Stan Bailey